Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Handmade Fabric Flowers & Resin Bobby Pins

Who doesn't love flowers in their hair?  These are some items I am working on at the moment...not sure exactly how to set each piece just yet.  I made one headband so far and I have got some other plans up my sleeve for the ones I am still working on...

Resin Floral Bobby Pins!!  Still working on these, not sure yet how to split them up for sales.  Should I do sets of twos? threes?  I feel inclined to put them in threes because I like a trio of interesting color combinations.  These are simple to make but still I am very proud of how carefully I have made them.  I only bought the best quality of everything to make sure these bobby pins would last and not lose their shape over time.  As always it is very important to me to use environmentally responsible materials and I am very pleased with the adhesive I eventually settled on.   I am very excited to be sharing these with you all!


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