Thursday, August 18, 2011

Handmade & Hand Painted Filligree Beads...

These are handmade and hand painted..and they may be the most difficult pieces I have ever created.  I struggle with even trying to express a decent description here.  I used concentrated water colors in each piece.  The saturation is very intense, though I would say 80% of the work went into the actual craft of these beads.  They are beautiful and I have seen nothing quite like them anywhere and I love that but the work that is involved in actually crafting and processing each piece is unlike anything else I have ever done.  I love them and I believe in what I am doing, I love the idea of being so very one of a kind but I am tired now while I am writing this so here it is, sorry I am so inadequate at expressing exactly what I have created.  Forgive me!  I create because I love and I love because I create, I wish I could tell you how positive I really feel about these now!  I just wanted to share my work here with you ...!

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